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Striving for an unknown outcome

I've been thinking about my future recently. Where am I going? What do I want to do? What kinds of decisions do I need to make to get there? How long will it take?

Along with all of those questions are also the tradeoffs that will need to be made (and tradeoffs are not bad, in fact sometimes the constraints that force tradeoffs make you realize what really is important). More or less money? More or less responsibility? Live in a country where it isn't my native language or not? Travel a lot? The list could just go on.

These lists will never shorten. As soon as I have figured out one thing then a new question will come up, be revealed, scream for attention. The question right now is how can I get to those. If I don't work on the current questions new questions will be slow in coming, learning will be slowing in accumulating, and life will become static (and static life is death). So what do I do about it.

Well, one of the only things that I can think of right now is to try setting a goal for myself. This isn't a goal that I can necessarily do, but one that I would like to do and think is possible. If I achieve this goal I don't know what the outcome will be right now, but if I don't I am pretty certain about the outcome.

I need to improve, I need to grow. So here is my goal: I know my future has something to do with software development. I'm in a graduate program about software engineering. I have personal interest in the subject and I have some small amount of experience in the field. I am going to try to write one entry a week, of no pre-determined length, about software development. I don't know what topics I'll cover. Sometimes I won't meet my goal, but I'll try to reach some portion of it. If I can't write about software maybe I'll write about beer, or cooking, or Germany, or politics. But I will write.

Let's see how this goes.

Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.



December 2007

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